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Celebrating Mother Earth

Earth, one of the 5 Great elements that make up the Universe. She is our anchor; she is our rock; she is the foundation in which we stand!

She exists in everything! She provides growth and nourishment, strength and stability, compassion and love. Her qualities are heavy, dense, hard, dull, gross, and static. She is obvious as we step outside each day on her surface.

In nature you can observe Earth in everything around you, trees, rocks, plants, and animals to name a few.

In our body, all solid forms are an expression of the Earth element; the bones, muscles, fat, teeth, skin, hair and nails. Earth enters our bodies through the foods that we eat. It provides the structure of all foods and most prominently found in sweet foods. Ayurveda recognizes sweet foods as meat, oils, grains, pasta, dairy, nuts and seeds. Because we are all different, some of us naturally have more Earth in our bodies.

Earth day reminds us to protect the Earth from environmental pollution and decay, which we should every day! But we should consider protecting the Earth within our bodies by becoming mindful of what and how we eat.

As you move through the following days, what can you do to protect this great Earth and yourself?

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