Jennifer Peck

Jennifer is an Ayurveda Health Counselor, 500-hour Registered Yoga teacher, and an Integrated Reiki Master.  She is a Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider as well.  She is currently enrolled in a yoga therapy training program through Breathing Deeply.  Jennifer will start her Advanced Ayurveda Practitioner Training in January 2022.

Jennifer busted out of the Corporate world after working in offices for over 30 years to teach yoga as her fulltime profession in May 2017.  She has accumulated over 2,000 hours of teaching experience to a wide range of populations including with people who are deaf and blind, intellectual and developmental disabled, suffering from mental health issues, struggling with addiction, stress, depression and anxiety as well as the young, old and everyone in between. 

Prior to COVID, Jennifer was teaching 17-20 yoga classes at various locations including one studio that she had recently taken over ownership.  Many of these were group classes with some private yoga sessions.  When there was time she would teach a few Introduction to Ayurveda classes and take on Reiki clients.  As you may guess, that all came to a halt when COVID hit, like a concrete wall!

COVID presented its challenges of survival and stability at a time when Jennifer was already ill due to the extreme stress and pressure of all that she was doing. This afforded her the opportunity to rest, reset and restore while reflecting on all that she accomplished in her new profession and how she would continue to deliver Ayurveda and Yoga to others.

Jennifer believes it is her life purpose to empower people of all backgrounds towards self-realization and self-healing through Ayurveda and Yoga.  Her passion comes directly from her personal transformation from a life of trauma and chaos to a more grounded and balanced life.


Ayurveda teaches us that we are individuals with unique needs, that health and wellness is not a one size fits all.  Moving forward, Jennifer will work with people more individually and in small private groups from her home office/studio.  Through her intuitive empathic gift, she is able to approach each person’s individualistic needs from a unique perspective to guide you down the path of health, wellness and balance. 

During the warmer months she will hold specialty yoga classes and events by the lake with all that nature provides.  For more information on services, click here.

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