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Life's Little Lessons: Yoga by the Fire!

I usually build a pretty good fire. This morning I rushed the process. The wood was damp. I didn’t add enough kindling. I was being impatient. I just wanted to feel the heat of the fire on my skin.

As the fire smoked for 20 minutes, I realized my attempt failed. And that was ok. So I enjoyed the beauty around me, the smells and sounds of the burning out fire as practiced some smoking Warriors on my yoga rock.

I'm taking tonight's class outside by the fire! Don't worry, I'll be sure to build a proper fire for you. I have added a few additional spots than usual for tonight as we have the space outdoors.

Join me lakeside by the fire for class tonight at 6:00PM.

This is a gentle/beginner class that offers modifications and options to develop your personal practice as you are ready.

Pre-registration is required.

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