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With the holidays behind us and the new year upon us, we find ourselves getting back to the routine of life. Many of us may begin to think about the things we want to change about ourselves as part of our resolutions. It is an exciting time to think about these habits or foods we know are not serving us, but they may be hard to let go. I invite you to make these changes small and achievable. We don't have to make drastic changes to feel better. The small shifts we can make may have a profound and positive effect on our health and well-being.

This week we are dedicating to sharing with you small shifts you can make in your routine to work towards better health in 2023.

Dinacarya, the Sanskrit word for daily routines or rituals, is key for long-term good health. We all probably have some sort of morning and bedtime routine. But are they consistent? And do they support your overall health?

The two most important routines for health are when we go to bed, wake up and our eating schedules. So, for today, take a few moments to think about and observe your routines. Ask yourself if they are supporting your health or not. Join us back here tomorrow to learn why these routines are so important for your health.


We are happy to be back to our regular weekly yoga schedule after taking some time for rest and restoration over the holidays. Join us for any of our regularly scheduled yoga classes this week. All classes are a gentle beginner and seasonally appropriate. Pre-registration is required. See you on your mat!

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