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Happy Summer Solstice from Mr. Cardinal

I awoke at 4AM Monday morning and was inspired to sit outside with my coffee listening to our World wake up. I spent 4 hours outside, walking through the yard, sitting under the Moonrise tree with Owen and the pups. With a short break to cook breakfast that we enjoyed under the tree. It was pure bliss, Samadhi! My plan was to clean but after a short time I could help myself to go back outside. I spent two more hours out mulching my Ho Tai Rock garden, watering the flowers and herbs.

Every morning since, I have been up by 5:30, sitting with nature for at least an hour. I’m always out early in the morning with the dogs and listening to the birds for a few minutes while the pups do their thing. I am outside a lot throughout the day, but not too often this early or this still.

What an amazing experience that I will continue with each day moving forward. It sets the tone for my day. Waking up for me and not on someone else’s agenda. For example, scrolling on Facebook, answering emails, working on the computer, watching TV etc... It has given me great inspiration and clarity. It has awoken my senses. I focus on my breath incorporating various breathing techniques, pranayama. It has allowed me to start my day with more sthira and sukha (steadiness and ease). I have been much more productive and less scattered throughout the day.

What a gift!

I invite you to consider joining me each morning from your own home, to step outside, with your favorite morning beverage or not and be still. Even if only for 5 minutes. Listen to the sounds. Feel the air touch your skin. Touch your feet to the Earth and ground yourself. Smell the morning dew and flowers. Look at the beauty that surrounds you. Look to the sky thanking space for allowing everything to exist. Without space, nothing would exist. Take 5 -10 long deep breaths to fill your lungs with fresh prana, life force, oxygen to nourish your entire being. Give thanks for all your blessings. And most of all, have an amazing day.

Always remember, the light in me honor and shines on your light, each and every day.

With much love and Namaste,

Jennifer, Owen, Rafiki, & Sukha

P.S. Another invitation for you to join us tonight for class outside by the lake with a possible bonfire.

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