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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share from Many Hands Organic Farm

I have received CSA shares for over 10 years. Participating in a CSA share feels like Christmas or my birthday every week as I unpack each bag of fresh organic produce with excitement and anticipation as to what foods I'll be preparing and cooking over the next week.

This past year I ordered my CSA with a new to me farm in Barre MA, Many Hands Organic Farm. I fell in love with the farm, their produce and the people right of the bat. I worked on the farm a couple days as a volunteer. I am grateful and honored to now be working part time for MHOF as the Director of Communications.

So today I'm here to invite you to consider ordering a CSA share from MHOF this upcoming season. It's 22 weeks of fresh, local, organic produce. There are 3 size options: small, medium and large. There are numerous pickup locations beyond the farm including Holden, Princeton, Shrewsbury, Worcester, and Athol.

With rising food costs, fresh organic food is more affordable than ever, especially when ordering direct from the farm. The breakdown comes out to a weekly cost of $17 for the small share, $23 for medium, and $34 for large. Not a bad price for local organic produce.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, we should be eating whole fresh foods in season and as local as possible. I can't think of a better way to support an Ayurveda diet.

And to support you with the vegetables that you are unsure of what to do with, I will be sharing tips and recipes weekly so that you have as little waste as possible and enjoy delicious healthy recipes.

If you don't live in the local area, I encourage you to seek out a local organic farm in your area and check it out.

It's a win win for all! You get fresh local food while supporting your local hard working farmers. Click on the button below for more details.

Be well by eating well.



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1 Comment

Love to join the CSA. Our community was sold out. Too far from your csa. Thx for sharing. Love those weekly veggies.

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