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Jennifer Peck, A Yoga Warrior

So many exciting things are blooming this Spring! I will be sharing many of these things with you in the following days and weeks, but for starters, I have entered a contest to become the next Yoga Warrior and looking for your help! Prize includes a 2-page write up in the Yoga Journal and $10,000. This will give me the opportunity to share my inspiring life and yoga story with the world!

But more importantly, it will bring $6,000 to local teachers to offer scholarships to you or those who can't afford Yoga and Ayurveda. Visit my contest profile to read more details and to vote!

Voting takes place now through March 18th. You can vote every 24 hours! Will you help me to become the next Yoga Warrior?

A vote for me is a vote for local teachers and for you.

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