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Kitchari - An Ayurveda staple meal, good for cleansing.

We are still in first place guys! You rock! Today’s reminder to vote comes with a simple mono-diet recipe, kitchari.

Kitchari is a staple meal in Ayurveda. It is often used for an Ayurveda cleanse. It is a complete protein, easy to digest, destroys and digests toxins in the body. Ayurveda teaches us the importance of a gentle Kitchari cleanse 1-2 times a year. More to come on cleansing soon!


Kitchari with beets and swiss chard.

Serving size 2.


  • ¼ cup Mung beans

  • 3-4 cups Water or chicken/veggie broth – less water makes it more rice like, more makes it soupier.

  • ½ cup Basmati Rice

  • 3 T. Ghee

  • 1 T. Kitchari spice mix or

    • 1 tsp cumin

    • 1 tsp coriander

    • 1 tsp fennel

    • 1 tsp turmeric

    • 1 tsp pink Himalayan salt

    • 1 tsp hing

  • Optional items for toppings or garnish:

    • Seasonal vegetables: celery, carrot, asparagus, chard, dandelion greens etc…

    • 1-2 T. lemon juice

    • Cilantro, parsley or chives

    • Ginger root

    • Sesame

    • Avocado


  1. Soak mung beans for 1-4 hours. Drain and rinse.

  2. In a saucepan, combine water/broth, ghee, spices and mung beans. Cook on medium for 40-50minutes.

  3. Add rice to pan and any vegetables desired (or cook vegetables separately) Cook until tender.

  4. Top with lemon juice, herbs, ginger, sesame or any other fun topping.

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1 Comment

Lauren Chartier
Lauren Chartier
Mar 16, 2021

Sounds good!

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