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Simple practices to beat the heat this weekend!

Beat the heat this weekend with a few simple practices and foods that can be helpful.

Most breathing practices are heating but there are some cooling breath techniques. In the video below, I share how to do Sheetali, cooling breath. This breathing technique not only cooling the body, it cools the mind and emotions too. An added benefit to cooling breath is it kindles the digestive fire and promotes proper digestion. Our digestive fire is lowest in the summer and in the case of extreme heat. This is a win win!

Other options to release heat from the body is too stand with legs wide and arms out to the side. We store a lot of heat in the groin and arm pits so this allows it to release from the body. For fun, do Sheetali breath along with a wide-leg and arm standing pose.

Stay out of the midday sun and avoid strenuous exercise. Reserve your early morning time for gardening and exercise.

Be mindful of the food and drinks you consume. Opt for cool, light, and easier to digest foods such as quinoa, cucumber, lime, cilantro, avocado, zucchini, and coconut. (I will be making a salad out of these ingredients this weekend and will post the recipe as soon as I can.) Avoid or reduce the intake of alcohol and coffee as it is heating to the mind and body.

And of course stay hydrated being careful that you are not consuming ice cold liquids as this will further lower your digestive fire.

Give yourself permission to take it easy!



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