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Yoga Beyond the Mat

Yoga teaches us to be more flexible in the mind, body, and soul. As we move into the warmer weather, don’t be surprised if I move class outside on the lake. I am hoping to move class outside most the week. Today is a bit windy so we will see.

Yoga also teaches patience, kindness, and compassion for yourself and others. It cultivates courage, strength, and focus on all levels. It can aid in better night’s sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, and alleviate body pain and tension. It brings a greater sense of peace, balance, and harmony into your life. And one of my favorite parts of teaching is…. watching a strong stable community grow.

I share this photo purely to show the strength, determination and focus that yoga has taught me, just to name a few things. This took me 12 years to accomplish, although it was never my goal. This took 1000’s of hours of practice.

I’m not expecting you to be here, but you have to start somewhere. If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but don’t think you can do it, I invite you to reach out so I can change your mind.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

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